Wednesday Night Group

Wednesday Night Group

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Dates & Times:

Spring 2022 Dates: April 13 to June 29, 12 weeks

Wednesday’s —  Weekly from 6 PM to 8 PM


Registration Requirements:
If you are new to this process an Initial individual intake interview with Marianne is required. 

Weekly Psychodrama Group in Bow 6 to 8 PM, Wednesday Nights

Psychodrama works with rituals of change. As the Season’s change, so do we. We warm up experientially around concerns and themes that emerge from the group, and then we work together, focusing on the actions that are coming forward from the group members. We learn to open to the new possibilities, so that the impossible can become more possible. The work we do together shifts our perspectives and our choices, promoting flexibility and creativity. We all count and our interactions reveal more of who we are and what we are capable of. Our group sharing both unites, differentiates and empowers us. Learning about each other, we learn more about ourselves. Every Wednesday night session is different, lively and healing in its own way. In this experiential group work, trust builds as we get to know and interact with one another. Group members participate at their own level of trust and capability, explorations and co-creations evolve out of our time together. Professional facilitation keeps these groups safe, engaging and interactive.                 

Each group meets for 12 consecutive weeks, consistent attendance is recommended. Ideally, you would attend each of these 12 sessions. The dates below reveal the start and stop dates of the 3 consecutive groups. You may wish to attend one of these groups, 2, or all 3.


Why a Psychodrama Group?

Our need to talk, interact and be with each other is an important part of being human. Group psychotherapy is the most viable method for initiating, improving and evaluating connections. Adding action techniques increases the consciousness of the members on behavior and interaction. Our increased awareness and acceptance channels group connections and increases the possibility of change. When action methods are introduced into a group, participants become more present, more aware, and as a consequence, more conscious. Consciousness enhances our interactions by making them intentional. When action is added to the group process it dissolves passivity. Acting on thoughts and feelings gives greater visibility to our inner worlds and greater energy to our words. We begin to bring our bodies into our experiences. The action also helps to clarify our thoughts, feelings and future behaviors. We practice self skills and relationship skills that enhance our daily lives. Action methods such as warming up, the art of doubling, role reversal, sculpts, improvisation, group building, the use of the empty chair, and the sociometric choice will all be incorporated into the time we share. Psychodrama uses creative energy within the group to serve the process of healing and change. The group atmosphere is supportive, encouraging, and dynamic. The process offers a creative way to move beyond old scripts, beliefs, or unconscious bonds to the past. Psychodrama is a therapeutic discipline that uses action methods, sociometry, role training, and group dynamics to assist people to take action in their lives, learn new roles and skills to express their innate and unique potential, and achieve a deep understanding of personal and social problems.



To increase your commitment and curiosity about yourself and others and to allow this group work to work best for you, we ask that you make a time commitment as weekly attendance is required for you to begin to feel like you are part of the group experience. It takes this commitment not only for your own growth and development but for the good of the whole group. Warming up to group members, learning to speak from your own experience, giving and receiving care from group members takes practice, doing it is the key to change. Action rather than just talking about life’s possibilities and one’s desires. change happens one new step at a time. Sharing your real self and allowing others to experience your vulnerability as well as your strengths will help you know that not only are you not alone but that by revealing your true self you will become more resilient, more lovable and more loving towards others. You will feel yourself connecting with others, in and out of the group, in more life-sustaining ways. To further this end, a 12-week initial commitment is really encouraged. Even though we understand that Life may have different plans for you.


Why  Group?

Groups provide something that individual therapy cannot. We are social creatures and do better when we form meaningful connections with others. Groups offer support from others struggling with similar issues and feelings. Feedback from peers who are willing to be caring and honest with you and the supportive energy to change is why groups are so helpful. As they say in A. A., “Together we can do what we cannot do alone.”


Hopes and Intentions? Some are…

♥ Showing up consistently for yourself, honoring whatever level of comfort, excitement, and exploration you bring with you or find in the group is quite enough. 

♥ Participating in an exciting form of group therapy that utilizes action techniques and explores the importance of human connections and disconnections.

♥ Working on a personal issue, or issues that are just beneath the surface and hard to access on your own. The group works helps bring forward these harder to access places and allows for exploration and relief from stuck places and an opening into greater possibilities for ourselves and others.

♥ Learning to use your voice and hearing yourself and others begin to articulate the more vulnerable parts of ourselves, which often reveals personal strengths and values we were not quite aware of. Within what has been hidden lies great wealth. the treasure beyond treasures. Yourself.

♥ Being honest and respectful of yourself and others.

♥  Sharing the truth you carry in your heart of hearts when you feel it is safe to do so.

♥ Co-Creating a safe experience for yourself and others. For change to happen going outside our comfort zone and taking risks are necessary, but they are safety risks.

♥ A willingness to try out new things, take risks and celebrate gains

♥ Explore roles that are emerging and roles that fragment your sense of self.


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