The Tao of Leadership

The Tao of Leadership

For the past 30 years in working with ourselves, groups and individuals we have found that as we grow our lives, we grow our leadership potential. As we take the lead in creating our own lives, we are better able to model the leadership we would like to see in the world. As we respond to the creativity inherent in our beings, we also respond to one another’s creative growth. We are the flowering.

The Way of Tao is a way of being, of unfolding, allowing and paying attention to what is. It is less about doing, and more about being. And out of being, the doing unfolds.

In psychodrama, we focus on both being and doing, within and without, on creativity and roles. A role has been described as the visible form the self takes in interaction with others. We will focus on interactive role behaviors, crafting more resilient, capable and creative roles for ourselves and others.

In life and in our Rehearsals for Living groups what we pay attention to grows. We practice showing up, caring for ourselves and each other, being open to the change that is within and all around us, appreciating complexity, honoring our longings, Sharing our truths and taking risks for the good of all mankind. 

 The theories and practices of psychodrama, group psychotherapy and sociometry will inform our explorations.

  1.   Role Theory, which says that the material form that the self takes emerges from the roles the self plays in relationship to other roles/selves.
  2.   Sociometry, which reveals social connections, complexity, and potentials.
  3.   Spontaneity and Creativity. This process is all about warming up to a state of spontaneity wherein we create a more vital, connective and responsible life. Responsible, as in the ability to respond to life rather than react to what life dishes up.
  4.   Action helps us to be present with what is happening within and between us in the here and now. Action explorations keep us in our bodies, interacting, and grounded as we try new solutions to old problems.
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