Try Reversing Roles! The Valentine Gift That Keeps On Giving

Try Reversing Roles! The Valentine Gift That Keeps On Giving

Feb. 15, 9:30-5:30

Are you sick of feeling intimidated, judgmental, manipulated, Smothered, Superior or Inferior?

Do you want to feel more creative in your relationships?

Try Reversing Roles

The Valentine’s Gift that Keeps on Giving

Come experience yourself in new and exciting ways. You will be guided and coached step by step into experiencing the practical magic of role reversals to investigate and dislodge entrenched relationship patterns. In this relational research we bring ourselves to the challenges we face by using our innate gifts of awareness, compassion and authentic presence.

  • Learn more about role theory.

  • practice connecting in responsive rather than reactive ways.

  • Take a role, play a role and create a role.

  • Go beyond the mundane, into a spontaneous relationship with life.

Role reversals have been referred to as the engine of psychodrama, as they effectively drive the process forward. During reversals we become co-investigators of the other, and of ourselves.

Through individual reflections and group work we can practice pattern changing. Rehearsals for Living provides a surprising, creative, confidential and safe enough container in which creative changes happen naturally, work and play combine to give us more of the life we are seeking. Try it, you will be amazed.

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