Reverse Roles!

Reverse Roles!

In these Rehearsals for Living Workshop we will:

  • Explore Role Theory and Role Play from an Experiential and Didactic Psychodramatic Perspective
  • Experience the importance of warming up, so that action follows naturally, playfully and creatively.
  • Step Out of Your Own Shoes. Meeting the Other in caring and dynamic interactions
  • Practice Maintaining and including the Wisdom of the Body

Role reversals have been referred to as the engine of psychodrama, as they drive the process forward. Role reversals are also magically Transpersonal, as they take us out of our limited sense of self and into another world, the world of others, helping us identify and change our habituated roles and clarify our relationships.

During this process our very human capacity to feel into the reality of the other is made real, increasing our ability to be responsive, rather than reactive.

Insights and learning are gained through experience and reflection. First is the action, insights follow. We call this Action Insight. 

Rehearsals for Living provides a creative, confidential and safe environment for personal and professional growth.

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