Psychodrama Saturday

Psychodrama Saturday

Feb. 15, 9:30-5:30

Caring, Co- Creative Group Action Explorations for Post Traumatic Growth

 We are creative people and together we can create ways of caring and being that go beyond Trauma.

Come experience the practical magic of psychodrama to explore group concerns in playful and connective ways. Get acquainted with the basics of Psychodrama as we co create an environment in which personal and group learning, becoming and caring occur naturally. The four cornerstones of psychodrama will inform our time together as we find common concerns and investigate who we are in the Here and Now. We have a right and responsibility to move beyond trauma into a more expressive and responsive life. Let’s help one another do this.

  • Make contact with others in caring and creative explorations.

  • Find sensitive, conscious and compassionate responses to challenges.

  • Help yourself and others Expand on what is healthy and Possible.

Through individual reflections and group work we practice pattern changing. Rehearsals for Living provides a surprising, creative, confidential and safe enough container in which changes happen naturally, group work and play combine to give you more of the life you are seeking.

Held in Group Space in either Bow (pot luck) or Mount Vernon, WA (out for lunch)


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