Autumn Equinox and Rites of Separation

Autumn Equinox and Rites of Separation

Fall Equinox is almost here, a time of equal light and dark. You can feel it in the air. Something different is being required of us. The Equinox marks a change between the seasons of life,  calling us to explore Rites of Separation using Psychodrama as a ritual for change. As the days darken, our dreams and our lives urge us to examine the change that is already happening within and between us. Psychodrama is a complex and dynamic ritual for exploring and making manifest the changes that are happening just beneath the surface of our lives, we will explore there. We can get stuck between the ritual of habit and life’s call to adventure. How to find our own dynamic stability between these two opposing forces is life’s art.  Psychodrama helps us to connect with the seasons of our lives and respond to life’s challenges. 

We will explore how you can separate from what is no longer working for you. as we move into Autumn and the new challenges and opportunities we will find there.

The work we do together is co-created one step at a time. Our work and play grow organically from our inner and outer awareness, which we will practice, and from our sensitivity and care for one another and the ground that we share.

This training will be supported, enliven and organized by the four dynamically interactive cornerstones of Psychodrama: Role Theory, Action Methods, Sociometry, and the Canon of Creativity.

An Introduction to Psychodramatist John Raven Mosher’s brilliant Healing Circle Model will support our exploration, with a focus on Rites of Separation related to the difficult and necessary transition from summer, a time of connection, to Fall, a darker, more internal time.

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